Corporate Environment Services

The smooth funcnoning of any building depends on a balanced functioning of its electricity/energy, electronic provisions, civil, plumbing quality, waste management efflciemcy, housekeeping quality, and a secure atmosphere.
A building facility that is managed well, provides the most salisfactory experience to its occupants or visitcors. And this is the real challenge.
lnfra93 Corporare Environment Services provides critical support in ensuring the building facilltles are function­ able, presentable and risk free. Be it in cleaning & hygiene services, surface restoration or repair services,
waste management, engineering, pest control, façade cleaning, security services, lnfra93 INS team combine a high degree of Technical skill, Professional Competence, Commitment to client needs .all coming from 3 decades of experience!
For us, Its not just about What is managed, but How its managed.

Our Scope Of Services

Cleaning & Heigene Services

Restoration & Repairs

Surface Treatment

Facade Cleaning

Wall Paint & Pop

Sofa & Carpi Shampoo

Manpower Solutions

Marble Polishing Services

House Keeping

Cleaning & Maintenance

For all kind of surfaces and areas

Restoration & Repair

For concrete, marble, granite, kota, terrazo and wood floors.

High Rise

Facade glass and metal

Floor Maintenance


Carpet Maintenance

Shampoomg and deep clean (extracuon )

Guest Room Mekeup

Room cleaning & makeup

Project to Operation

Project cleanup, snaglist, project preparation & ready to occupy status